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Skin Testing

Hair colouring is a very safe process today but some people may have an allergic reaction, we insist you have a skin test which is available FREE of charge. A skin test is simply a little hair colour applied behind the ear (where skin is more sensitive) to test if there is any reaction. You must have a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour service so that any potential allergy has time to surface.


The section below is designed to help you find your way in choosing the best colour for you.
We take time to look at the terminology, describe each process and outline the reasons and benefits beind choosing a particular aproach.

Semi-permanent/shine/gloss/tone-on-tone/demi/quasi. A colour that fades out and lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks. This is a great first step into the colour world if you are feeling slightly more reserved.

Permanent, colour/tint, tint re-growth. This is an all over colour that grows out and covers grey. It can be used to darken or lighten your natural hair colour.

Tint re-growth This is the colouring of roots after having a permanent tint in order to refresh the look. This is usually required every 3 to 8 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle.

Tint & Floodlights. This technique is great if you are hoping to give your hair a natural sun-kissed look. The process introduces a T-Section of highlights. This time the hair that is not weaved is coloured. This approach is also good if you want to achieve fey coverage.

High-lights/Weaving/Foils/Meche. High-lights are possibly one of the first innovations in hair colouring; high-lights brighten and add shine to your hair. Sections of your hair are weaved out and placed in foil on meche and colour is applied. The pieces of hair left out remain as your netural colour.

They work best in warm shades of gold, honey and ambers. High-lighting requires
maintenance about every six to eight weeks, Your personal level of maintenance will depend on how lighter the high-light colour is from the natural colour.

Low-lights. the same technique used as high-lights. A colouring technique that adds real depth to your hair. Low-lights add darker tones and soften the look of over-lightened hair or add dimension to hair colour that looks flat. A skilled stylist can weave up to three different colours into your hair.

T-Section/Floodlights/Partial/Halo/Parting/herring bone. Imagine a ‘T’ shape when seen from above. This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your
look – everyone will think you just had another full head when really you’ve just refreshed your colour. This is the weave technique used through the parting and front hairline.

Half-Head. The weave technique is used covering the top section of the head, front, sides and crown.

Three-quarter-head. The weave technique is used covering the top section, sides and below the crown, leaving the hair natural from the ears down.

Full head highlights. The weave technique is used covering the whole head.

Fashion Colour

Panelling/slices. Sections of the hair and infuses them with new colour.
Paneling/ Slices is a hair colourings technique that gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle, often by adding bright, trendy colours to natural hair colour.

Dip Dyeing. Inspired by the art of dip dyeing clothes. This is where the ends of your hair are coloured with either subtle or vibrant tones.

Flying Colours.shu shine. Freehand colour that is painted onto random pieces of hair suitable fro shorter hair styles. This will normally last until the next cut. A great way to try out colour to see if it’s for you.

Toner/Colour Balancing. Sometimes the hair colours can need a little finesse to blend naturally into your existing hair colour – toner/colour balancing is our magic in these cases.

Bleach, pre-lightening, pre-lifting. We can use bleach to achieve very light coloured hair. Your re-growth will show quicker as the coloured hair is light in comparison to your natural colour.

Colour Correction/Change. Changing colours or correcting a previous salon’s colours (or home colour attempt) can be time consuming and requires a great deal of skill. Results cannot be
guaranteed because we won’t always know exactly what has been used before. That said, we can normally fix emergency hair disasters!

Combination. Sometimes a
combination of colour techniques may be needed to achieve your desired look. highlights and a toner/ Colour
Balancing, bleach before trying a lighter colour on darker hair or a tint before highlights.